Delicious Caribbean Cuisine

Welcome to DEELISH!!

DEELISH!! Caribbean Catering has been serving satisfied customers in the San Francisco bay area and now in New York for over fifteen years with exotic, delicious caribbean delights. If you have not yet tried this cuisine, you're in for a treat.

Experience our mouth-watering free range jerk chicken, savor our chicken curry, delight in our very own Rasta Pasta (tm), and of course the codfish buljol with dumplings. Pictured above is our plantain chips, which are 'melt in your mouth' delicious. Our chef is renowned for her creative combinations of spices and sauces.

Whether you need an intimate dinner for two in the comfort of your home, or a large group event or party, we take care of all your catering needs in an efficient and professional manner.

NATTY PATTY(tm), is the registered trademarked name of our delicious patties, which besides the traditional beef patty, we also offer grilled salmon, codfish, green vegetables, curried shrimp, brown stew chicken, tofu, three cheese, and the very delicious spinach, mushroom and feta cheese patty. These can be ordered by the dozen.


Our Jerk chicken is marinated overnight to

ensure that the flavor is completely saturated

all the way to the bone, resulting in a tender, juicy, flavorful jerk finish.

The chicken/beef curry begins by being seared on all sides in a mixture of onions and curry powder sauteed in virgin olive oil after which tiny cubes of potato and chick peas are then added,and the dish left to simmer until tender.

Three cheese baked macaroni pies:

The brown stewed chicken is the traditional

Sunday brown stewed chicken that is served

in some of the islands. A portion of brown sugar is allowed to caramelize in olive oil and the chicken is then placed in the pan and 'browned' on both sides. A dash of angostura bitters can

be added to this dish for an extra subtle flavor.



*Free range jerk chicken

*Brown stew chicken

*Stewed fish (Salmon, trout or red snapper) in island sauce

*Jerk salmon

*Chicken or beef curry (with potato cubes and chick peas)

*Caribbean pasta (with extra veggies)

*Chicken Pelau

*Saltfish buljol (codfish and dumplings)


-Red beans and rice

-Saffron white rice

-Grilled baby red potatoes sprinkled with parsley and thyme

-Three-cheese Macaroni pie

-Caribbean candied yams with brown sugar and marshmellows

-Southern greens island style


-Codfish fritters

-Crab cakes with watercress and blood orange

-Plantain chips

-Pepper shrimp

-Caribbean enchilladas

-Tuna on cucumber rounds

-Roti (curried chicken or beef)

-Salmon and brie bruschetta

-Jamaican beef patties (also codfish/grilled salmon/curried shrimp/veggie/brown stew chicken/three-cheese/spinach & feta)


-Island lentil

-Island split pea

-Cream of broccoli

-Caribbean chicken soup

Salads (cold):

-Caribbean garden salad

-Baby red potato salad

-Rasta Pasta (tm), is our very own trademarked creation which is a cold salad mix of red, yellow and green organic spiral pasta, hearts of artichoke, sundried tomatoes, red onion slivers, black olives, and celery blended together with low fat mayonnaise, bold and sweet dijon mustard, relish, virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. An absolute delight!


-Tropical fruit platter

-Raw veggie platter

-Roasted veggie platter (eggplant, zucchini, bell pepppers, red onions, breadfruit (seasonal).

-Cheese and crackers

-Cakes, bars, cookies

-Cold cuts

Vegetarian Fare includes organic:

-Spinach sauteed with baby red onions

-Brown rice



and more..

Desserts include:

-Corn bread

-Banana bread

-Coconut bread

-coconut kisses



-Island punch/citrus punch

-Sea moss

-Ponche de creme

-Sorrel (seasonal)

-Guava juice/mango juice

-Ginger beer (pictured below) is a non-alcoholic fermented drink made from grated ginger root

Please call (415) 272-8752 to book your reservations.   Gift certificates available.